Gas vs Electric Cars

Electric cars are getting into the hype of people who are more into green energy compared to fuel. Comparing both of these vehicles may seem like a waste of time as they both look almost the same and they bring you to places you to need to be. But when it comes to saving cost, that’s when people turn their heads and start evaluating how much they can save in their pockets by investing either one for their future.

To start, the fuel costs for gas-powered cars entirely depends on the gasoline cost as well, as it varies from country to country. Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency levels also come into play at how much fuel your car needs at a certain distance. Compared to an electric car, the cost to calculate their fuel is slightly more complicated than just seeing the cost of per 1 liter of fuel. Electric cars use an EV battery as a way to charge their vehicle, which means instead of using gasoline, electric cars will need to rely on your home electric brill. Making it more towards gasoline vs electricity costs. On the positive side, electric costs are continuously decreasing as the use of renewable energy is contributing to making electric appliances work in a much greener way.

Furthermore, the cost of maintaining either car is still costly if you don’t have a car warranty to cover some of the expenses. Liberty Automotive Protection & Warranty  covers car warranties with flexible payment and plans regardless of your vehicle type of budget as they have served more than 30 years covering their customers efficiently and quickly. While a gas-powered car requires changing the coolant, engine oil, belts, and so on, and electric car only needs their EV batteries replaced. Shortening the maintenance list significantly.

We’re not here to tell you that electric cars are better than gas-powered cars, loving and caring for your vehicle is what’s important. Making a huge change to an electric car can benefit you and the environment, especially by saving the cost you spend monthly for gas.