Gas vs Electric Cars

Electric cars are getting into the hype of people who are more into green energy compared to fuel. Comparing both of these vehicles may seem like a waste of time as they both look almost the same and they bring you to places you to need to be. But when it comes to saving cost, that’s when people turn their heads and start evaluating how much they can save in their pockets by investing either one for their future.

To start, the fuel costs for gas-powered cars entirely depends on the gasoline cost as well, as it varies from country to country. Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency levels also come into play at how much fuel your car needs at a certain distance. Compared to an electric car, the cost to calculate their fuel is slightly more complicated than just seeing the cost of per 1 liter of fuel. Electric cars use an EV battery as a way to charge their vehicle, which means instead of using gasoline, electric cars will need to rely on your home electric brill. Making it more towards gasoline vs electricity costs. On the positive side, electric costs are continuously decreasing as the use of renewable energy is contributing to making electric appliances work in a much greener way.

Furthermore, the cost of maintaining either car is still costly if you don’t have a car warranty to cover some of the expenses. Liberty Automotive Protection & Warranty  covers car warranties with flexible payment and plans regardless of your vehicle type of budget as they have served more than 30 years covering their customers efficiently and quickly. While a gas-powered car requires changing the coolant, engine oil, belts, and so on, and electric car only needs their EV batteries replaced. Shortening the maintenance list significantly.

We’re not here to tell you that electric cars are better than gas-powered cars, loving and caring for your vehicle is what’s important. Making a huge change to an electric car can benefit you and the environment, especially by saving the cost you spend monthly for gas. – Helping You Meet New People on Kik

Kik is a popular instant messaging service that caters to millions of active users every day. It prioritizes anonymity upon registration as it only requires using an email and password to sign up.Users can easily make new friends by searching for their username or by joining groups with the relevant hashtags that interest you. For an easier way, holds a large database of Kik users that want to get in touch with new people. is a free, easy, and fast site that helps people meet new people in a different way. Instead of swiping left or right, users visiting the site will be greeted by a selection panel that is divided by the type of conversation they’re looking for and sorted according to genders. The site is capable of handling millions of users who voluntarily registered themselves there hoping to meet someone new and interesting to talk to. offers users to separate themselves according to whether they’re looking for a friendly chat or a more sexually intimate conversation. While is in no way associated with the company, Kik, however, it does make things easier for people to find other people that have the same interests as them.

Often initiating a chat with someone you randomly met in a group on Kik may result in them not being interested in talking to a stranger. is full of people that have the same initiatives as you do. So, if you’re ever interested to register yourself, you will be required to add your username, age, gender, the type of conversation you’d like, and some details about yourself for first impressions. The site does not require you to enter your phone number and it is safe to use. You can click here for more names,, an easier way to get new friends on Kik.

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What You Should Know About Makeup Editor Online

Makeup editors have been sprouting up here and there around the internet, accommodating to the woes of people who are in need of removing an unflattering mark on their face. During the wake of the emergency, developers have begun taking the opportunity to create the best make editor online for users who are unsatisfied with their current photos. It is now incredibly easy to make your skin and makeup look flawless online, especially when there’s technology to support it.

Most online makeup photo editors usually derive their user interface from popular photo editing software such as Photoshop and GIMP, as it is common for people to at least play around with this software before going to find an easier resort of blending out their skin, making them easily familiarise themselves with their way around the editor. Other than that, these editors have already compressed the complexity of these blending and reshaping tools from what you normally get confused with on Photoshop to a more straightforward and easier version that takes someone with no skill to edit to master it instantly.

Common features that exist within the majority of makeup editor online on desktops and those found within your smartphones is that they will always include blemish, wrinkle, and red-eye removal tools. Editors that are more focused towards beauty and makeup will have different tools used to enhance the various features of your face, such as eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. While these features are very easy to find among the long lists of apps and online editors, it truly depends on how well the quality fairs once the edits are done.

Certain professional makeup editor online has a quick and easy option that lets the site handles the editing for you, such as PinkMirror, a free photo enhancing website, and some would have the users dot around their own faces with the cursors as brushes. As both work great in their own ways, you’ll be on your way to master online makeup editors in no time.

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Steinhoff Scandal Can Cause the Horse Racing Industry to Blunder

It is not the first time this year that the horse racing industry finds themselves receiving attention again for the wrong reasons. During March of 2017, Adriaan van Vuuren, a Pretoria businessman and the owner of Triple Crown winner Abashiri, had taken his own life after he had a purportedly unraveled the Telkom fraud of half-a-billion rand.

Currently, ex CEO of Steinhoff, Markus Jooste was the target for the various reasons and also as the person who has supported horse racing with huge investments, has placed himself in the headline of Steinhoff news after the allegations of the accounting scandal surfaced. The results following after the Steinhoff scandal has caused the company’s share price to severely collapse accompanied with distressing effects impacting the pensions invested by the people of South Africa. This saga has caused the Public Servants Association (PSA) to call for a ban from January’s Sun Met if any of horses owned by Jooste should compete in the race.

The PSA has also requested Sun International to consider the Steinhoff events and reassess its participation in the race in order to protect the company brand and to compel the organizers in charge of the horse racing event to exclude Jooste’s horses. In 2016, Jooste’s mess with Coolmore Stud in Ireland leads to further clues and evidence that he was involved in the world’s most important races. The Steinhoff scandal has already caught social media attention with more than 40 posts where there are at least one of the topic of PSA intervention.

South Africa is also known for its huge percentage of unemployment. Markus Jooste deserves a part of recognition when it comes to creating jobs for them. But it is only a man with courage who will stand up for Jooste and his passion for horse racing, even after getting hit with criticism on his participation of racing events leading up to his huge investments to horse racing.