Modelling Scams

These days, there are dozens of scams that have broken the hearts and wallets of aspiring models who are looking to get out of being part of the freelance models in Singapore and to join a Singapore modelling agency to take their modelling career to the next level. However, the number of scams that go by these days can make it difficult for freelance models to trust the modelling agency Singapore. Scams associated with modelling recruitments have made anonymity easier with the development of technology. New freelance models Singapore must be cautious when signing up for agencies as these scams usually target fresh models.


When scouting for an agency, a real modelling agency will never:


Ask for nude or lingerie photos

Especially on unsuspecting female models, real agencies will only request for photos with you of models fully clothed or wearing swimwear to get a better look of the model’s body shape, but they will never ask for nude or lingerie images. It doesn’t matter if you are incredibly desperate to be one of the prettiest female models in Singapore to get a chance to join the Victoria’s Secret team, no real agency will ask for provocative shots ever.


Use email addresses that are not registered under the agency

A simple way to spot a fake agency through an email is to check the extension of the email. Usually, an agency would have their company alias such as “”. If the extension is something like “”, it’s best to delete that email right away.


Conduct appointments or interviews through Skype or other webcam applications

Even though companies have used Skype to conduct interviews, but in the case for models, agencies will never conduct an interview via Skype. The reason being agencies will need to see in person to evaluate if you are the right fit to represent them as one of their Beautiful Singapore Models  for any clients that may be looking or Singapore models for events or photo shoots.